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First and foremost, we take whatever measures are necessary to keep the child in school and to assure they succeed in their education.  Provide education for children. Your gift can help pay school fees or provide essentials like school uniforms, textbooks, backpacks, and school supplies.

Are you a business / do you know of a business that will support our cause?

Les Reparateurs focuses on providing comprehensive, individualized care for each child in the present, from nutrition, to health/hygiene, to counseling, to creating happy childhood memories along the way.  But more critically, focuses on the child’s future. 



A really great way to help us out is to donate goods to our orphanage (goods in kind). This can be done by collecting together clothes (new or second hand), books, toys, pencils… etc. and then bundle them up in a parcel and send them out to us. 



Volunteers are the back-bone of our organisation, and continue to leave us all in awe every single day. At Les Reparateurs, we know we would be nowhere without the energy, efforts and dedication of our volunteers up and down the country who go out of their way to support our work.

  • Each day children face formidable struggles, whether it’s through wars, disasters, drought or disease and all too often children are being orphaned around the world. For many orphans, the threat of poverty is constant: where will the next meal come from? Where are we going to live? If we get sick and can’t afford medicine…will we survive?


  • And if they make it through this childhood of hunger, poverty and insecurity, they have little hope for a better life. Without an education and the tools to support themselves, there is small chance of a brighter future ahead.


  • Your sponsorship could mean the world.


  • Your support will ensure that they have a roof over their head, and food on their plates. It will send them to school with books and stationery, and provide healthcare, vaccinations and medicine when they get ill.


  • We don’t just take care of their physical wellbeing – these children deserve to be safe and happy too. Your sponsorship will mean they receive birthday presents and attend summer camps, sports classes and fun day trips. A social worker will visit regularly to ensure their home is safe and loving.


  • In other words, when you sponsor an orphan, you’re not just giving a gift…you’re giving them an entire childhood.

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